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Cardinal Title is unique among title insurance companies due to the team’s relentless pursuit to resolve complex issues.

What makes Cardinal Title different from other commercial title companies?

Cardinal Title is an independent title insurance agent with the flexibility to choose among multiple national underwriters. We couple critical local capability with creative, competitive solutions to insure and underwrite difficult projects. Clients have the same protection they would have with multiple national underwriters, but Cardinal Title brings local experience and accountably at the same cost.

What do I need to know before I approach a commercial insurer?

National monoline commercial insurers lack experience understanding the nuances of local county engineers, auditors and recorders—each county official has unique practices and requirements. The Cardinal team understands relationships and systems within each of these offices, which is essential to getting a sale or loan securitized. National underwriters are headquartered in remote cities and are rigidly managed. Cardinal Title structures transactions up front, anticipating and quickly resolving the myriad deficiencies that threaten a closing. We possess unmatched local knowledge, relationships and capabilities.

Is there paperwork I need to provide during my first meeting about title insurance?


What are Cardinal Title’s primary services?

We provide commercial title insurance. We provide escrow services. We structure 1031 transactions. We also resolve the multitude of complex issues that arise when clients are attempting to get a real estate deal to close. Those complexities might include a number of challenges, not limited to, but including: insuring pre-starts, sub-surface rights, clearing oil and gas leaseholds, resolving chain of title defects, addressing defective legal descriptions in courthouse documents, insuring beneficial easements and access rights, insuring survey encroachments, and resolving right-of-way eminent domain issues.

What are the extraordinary services Cardinal Title provides that you’ll have trouble
finding elsewhere?

Cardinal Title is staffed by highly experienced professionals with complex real estate title insurance, litigation experience, and legal title development backgrounds. The Cardinal team is relentless in its pursuit to resolve a difficult challenge in an effort to close a real estate deal. In fact, our team is often called upon by other title companies because of our unique ability to activate diligence on behalf of our clients.

What is the unique relationship that CT’s founder, attorney Jim Havens, has with his
family of companies?

We are, first, a business consulting resource. As an attorney, Jim Havens has a reputation for being entrepreneurial. Years ago, he recognized a need to provide his clients more services than those offered by his law practice, Havens Ltd. Some of those services involve providing commercial title insurance and developing a deep ability within his Cardinal Title team to research and resolve extremely complex real estate matters.

Later, Jim created Rudolph Investment, a real estate development and management organization. Jim Havens has developed systems represented through registered trademarks for three very significant tools that help clients protect, sustain and grow net worth. Success Navigator® is a product that assists clients in navigating the changing economy, including lending environments, evolving regulations and new financial products. The On Tract® communications system helps clients sustain their businesses and Net Worth Navigator® is a tool that helps clients measure the financial progress of their bottom line. On a day-to-day basis, clients can gain benchmarks and measure their business’s financial health.


In the spotlight with Cardinal Title. Cardinal Title, our various clients and our team members appear regularly in the news.

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Jim Havens speaks frequently about Cardinal Title’s ability to assist clients in protecting and sustaining their wealth.

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